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Representative Mike Coffman

Representing the 6th District of COLORADO

Coffman talks to small business owners in Aurora

Mar 20, 2014
In The News

Congressional Rep. Mike Coffman met with 15 small business owners today in Aurora to discuss federal impact on local businesses.

The discussion was held with Rep Sam Graves, R-Mo., chairman of the congressional committee on small business.

Business owners expressed concern and confusion surrounding federal health care legislation, regulatory compliance and uncertainty around federal banking policies for Colorado’s legal marijuana businesses.

Graves told business owners that the federal Affordable Care Act threshold of 50 employees — the limit at which employers have to offer health care coverage, which Congress extended the mandate for another year in February — was having an impact on hiring.

“What we’re finding is that 50 figure is hampering businesses,” Graves said. “We’re doing everything we can in the House.”

Coffman told the group that he supports efforts to allow Colorado businesses that sell marijuana to use traditional banks, rather than being a cash-only businesses.

Having that much cash on hand could increase crime, he said. Allowing pot shops to use normal banks is something he would like to change quickly.

“There have been no adjustments (in Washington) and I think that’s the problem,” Coffman said.

Coffman recently passed a bill out of a congressional committee for small businesses that would reform the process in creating veteran-owned small businesses.

Coffman also met with small business owners in Denver on March 19. The participants were members selected from metro area chambers of commerce.

Coffman will be in Washington D.C. on Friday and campaigning in Aurora and Douglas County over the weekend.