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Representative Mike Coffman

Representing the 6th District of COLORADO


Congressman Coffman unloads trimmings with a Colorado rancher


The best way to preserve American agriculture and to support the preservation of family farms and ranches is to end the death tax once and for all.
Chairman Coffman stands with the Balanced Budget Amendment Caucus

Balanced Budget Amendment

Reckless out of control deficit spending in the Congress is placing our nation deeper and deeper into debt while putting an unfair and crushing burden on generations of Americans not yet born.
Congressman Coffman visits one of Colorado's many National Forests

Climate Change

There is no question that climate change is real and has existed since the beginning of time, and will always be a factor that can negatively impact our environment.
Congressman Coffman gets to work


Economic growth and job creation is my top priority.
Congressman Coffman reads to schoolchildren


The issues pertaining to public education are best left to state and local school boards.
Congressman Coffman supports American energy


Americans must be allowed to develop American energy and end our reliance on imported oil.
Congressman Coffman tours a hospital

Health Care

Health care reform is essential for containing cost and expanding access.
Congressman Coffman speaks with young constituents


Comprehensive immigration reform must first begin with the comprehensive enforcement of our immigration laws.
Congressman Coffman meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Middle East Peace/Israel

Israel is the strongest ally that the United States has in the Middle East and shares our strategic interest in the region.
Congressman Coffman with soldiers

National Security

The most important role of any government is to protect its citizens.
Congressman Coffman surveys public land in Colorado

Public Lands

Our public lands should be managed by a multiple use model that balances conservation, recreation, and responsible resource utilization.
Congressman Coffman speaking to Religious Congregation in Aurora

Religious Freedom

It is unconstitutional for the Federal government to impose limitations on a person's or group of people's free exercise of religion. As a member of the Congressional International Religious Freedom Caucus, I take these issues seriously and have supported legislative measures to protect the religious rights guaranteed under the Constitution both at home and abroad.

Congressman Coffman attends a gun show

Second Amendment

The right to keep and bear arms is protected under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution and it is vital to promote responsible gun ownership by keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals and of the mentally unstable.
Congressman Coffman supports Small Business

Small Business

Small businesses are the engine that drives our economy.  Congress must enact policies that will increase small business's access to capital and remove government impediments to growth.

Congressman Coffman supports Transportation and Infrastructure


Much of America's growth and future prosperity are tied to our transportation infrastructure.
Congressman Coffman with veterans in Aurora


Those who serve our nation in defense of freedom must never be forgotten when they return home.